Multipurpose Scraper

Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper Knife Cleaner & 15 Spare Replacement Cleaning Tool for Scraping Labels, Decals, Stickers, Caulk, Paint from Glass, Stovetop, Subfloor

  • Optimum Surface Protection: Protect your floors from scratches, dents, liquids, pets, children and more! The Sports Foam Floor Mats Ground Protector is durable, lightweight and non-skid for use anywhere indoors.
  • Easy Assembly: These easy-assemble pieces fit together just like puzzle pieces—minus the head-scratching! When you’re done using them, just pull them apart and stack them up neatly for storage.
  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean: Life’s easier when your floor is simple to clean! The Sports Foam Floor Mats Multipurpose Exercise Floor Mat is stain-resistant and get clean fast with just a vacuum or damp cloth. Plus, no harmful phthalates means no worries for your kids.
  • Ideal Size & High Density: Even if your room is big, these deluxe-size tiles measure 30cm x 30cm in size, covering up to 1.2㎡. Dense and protective of your floor, the 1.2cm thick EVA foam provides support and cushioning for walking on.
  • Many Uses: Whether you need to protect your floor or, your feet from your floor, these foam mats provide a versatile range of uses in any location. Useful for around the house, or on the stage, garages, gyms, children’s play rooms and everything in between. Finally, the floor protection you need!




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